Do's and Don'ts Of The Mortgage Process

Getting a mortgage can be stressful … bank statements, credit scores, interest rates, loan estimates, and closing disclosures can really put a dent in the excitement of buying a home. That’s why I've put together a list of dos and don'ts of the mortgage process, to help you cut through the noise and get back to the fun part!

Make sure that you do NOT:

• Buy a car
• Get married or divorced
• Change professions or start your own business
• Change bank accounts
• Make any large purchases (appliances, furniture, etc.)
• Throw away documents
• Incur any late payments
• Open or apply for any new credit cards
• Overwhelm yourself by trying to understand everything on your own. Ask questions and lean on your agent and lender!

Make sure that you DO:

• Keep all accounts current, including mortgage, car loans, credit cards, etc.
• Contact your lender anytime a question may arise
• Make all payments on or before due dates on all accounts, even if the  account is being paid off with your new loan
• Return phone calls and emails promptly from your agent, loan officer, Settlement Company, or anyone else involved in your transaction ASAP!

If you're thinking about starting the pre-approval process, We'd be happy to recommend a few of our trusted lenders — just shoot us a message!

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