Importance of a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

One of the greatest concerns that sellers have when putting their home on the market is the possibility that a buyer's home inspection may uncover issues that could potentially derail the sale. By having a pre-listing home inspection done BEFORE going on the market, you can get ahead of issues a buyer might find during an inspection, and reduce the likelihood that the sale will fall through.

Regardless of how long you’ve lived in your home or how old it is, there could be unknown issues that you are unaware of, and learning about them before you list could end up saving you thousands.

The main advantages of getting a pre-listing home inspection are:

✔️ Discover property conditions before a buyer walks through the door
✔️ Fix problems and display receipts showing what repairs have been made
✔️ Disclose any and all known defects with the home
✔️ Help prevent buyers from subtracting thousands for what may be a hundred dollars worth of repairs
✔️ Shop contractors to find the best price for repairs
✔️ Set your listing apart from the others
✔️ Demonstrate your motivation and strengthen your market position

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