Debunking Real Estate Myths

When it comes to owning, buying, or selling real estate, it can sometimes be difficult to tell the myths apart from what is actually true. 

So to help, I've put together a list of the top misconceptions I hear regularly, and my thoughts on each, to help you make more informed decisions when it comes to your next real estate transaction. 

MYTH #1: Agents Just show homes

While touring homes is one of my favorite parts of the job, it's not the only thing I do. I also answer phone calls and emails, schedule appointments and showings, handle negotiations and write contracts, search for and preview homes for my buyers, prepare and market my listings, and so much more. Buying a home is a complex process that can sometimes feel overwhelming, and I'm there to guide my clients every step of the way!

Myth #2: Buyers get a better deal if they don’t use an agent

WRONG. The benefits of working with an agent as a buyer are largely the same as the benefits of working with an agent as a seller. Your agent can help you negotiate a fair price, they can give you access to all the latest listings, and can help you find homes that meet your budget and needs. They will also walk through homes with you and give their professional input. It's crucial to have your own representation, apart from the seller's agent, to look out for your best interests and guide you throughout the process.

Myth #3: A home passes or fails inspection

An inspection is meant to assess the condition of a home. An inspector doesn’t “pass” or “fail” a home. They will provide a detailed report explaining all of the issues they find, along with a summary of the age of key systems such as plumbing, electric, HVAC, and the roof, along with an estimate of the "economic life" remaining on those systems.

Myth #4: Schools Don’t Matter if You Don’t Have Kids

Even if you don’t have children, buying a house in a good school district means your home will have a greater resale value. Although it may not be important to you, for many buyers, the school district is a high priority, and a bad school district can even cause a home to depreciate in value over time.

There is so much bad advice floating around (cough, internet, cough) and even the good advice doesn't always apply to every location or type of home.

Did you have any misconceptions about real estate before you bought or sold that ended up not being true?


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