What Your Realtor Cannot Tell You About Neighborhoods

Fun fact: there are some things that I CAN'T share with you as your Realtor regarding neighborhoods.


Congress implemented the Fair Housing Act to end housing discrimination based on factors such as race, religion, sex, disability, and more. Therefore, Realtors are prohibited from discussing the demographic composition of a specific neighborhood because providing such information or opinions about residents can inadvertently lead to discriminatory practices.

Read on to learn about a few topics agents can't spill the tea on and why. 

Neighborhood or area Crime rates

This is because information about crime rates or opinions on a neighborhood's safety can be interpreted as references to race or ethnicity, both of which are protected under the Fair Housing Act.

SCHOOL DISTRICT Reputation / Ranking

The same concept applies to providing information on a school district’s reputation or ratings, as these can also be interpreted as references to protected classes.

DEMOGRAPHICS of a neighborhood

The demographic makeup of a community is another piece of information I cannot legally share with you due to protections put in place by the Fair Housing Act.

My recommended resources that can help you do the research yourself:


Spotcrime gathers information about crime incidents from law enforcement agencies, news reports, and user tips. Then, it plots those crimes on Google Maps so you can see exactly where they happened.


Greatschools provides comprehensive school ratings and reviews based on academic performance, extracurricular offerings, and parent/community feedback.


This website shows you all of the data on data on current real estate activity, neighborhood demographics, crime, AND schools.

In conclusion, while there are certain things I can't share with you as your Realtor due to the Fair Housing Act, rest assured that my priority is to guide you through your homebuying journey with integrity and fairness. By leveraging resources, you can gain valuable insights and make informed decisions about the areas you're interested in.

Remember, knowledge is power, and with the right tools, you can find the perfect home in a community that fits your needs and lifestyle. Happy house hunting!

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